I am Angelo. I’m 36 years old and I was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. Through my work experience, I have constantly cherished as a major element, contacts with neighbors, travelers, and people across the border. I worked at a travel company operated by my family and worked at a restaurant in Siracusa, took a group of tourists of all nationalities as a guide, and worked as a receptionist for a hotel in Sicily and Rome. After that, I came to Japan, but maybe I was tired from Italy, which is hard to bring stability and peace of mind. I came to Japan  without knowing almost anything about language and culture, moved to Tokyo after a year in Osaka. Although getting used to a completely new place involved a lot of difficulties, I began working at a prestigious restaurant in Japan like Bice Tokyo and Tre Scalini, as well as having the opportunity to work with Ferrero and Japanese television programs. Cooking for me is not only an environment as a workplace but also an important place for 'emotion'. It is a source of my passion and joy and a bridge of communication with people quite different from the Italians. In fact, as I started working in the restaurant, I also started  cooking classes for Italian cuisine for Japanese people. Then, something that I had not thought at all happened in me. Projects and ideas that can only be realized in one place around the world began to emerge. That was Sicily. As you can see, even if you are looking for a new world, even if you leave your house, your origins are like stretching like rubber and pulling from behind. The most courageous choice is not just to travel, but to go home and try new things. I decided to bet on myself. Myself includes not only the person who is myself but also the place where we have lived so far, including the passion that has continued deepening so far. Have Sicily visually and tastefully familiar to people of other countries with a culture full of trips and pure taste dishes and let Sicily know the most wonderful aspects with surprise and pleasure I think I want to do. My journey to find my place back to the house where I was born and raised. I firmly believe in the beauty of my land and the universality of its language.  Now it's up to you to discover how it speaks to you