About me.....


 Angelo, 40 years old , I was born and raised in Sicily. After having worked in Sicily and Rome as a chef and travel guide, I had a three-year experience in Japan where I worked as a pastry chef in 4 Italian restaurants including two starred restaurants, Bice Tokyo and Bulgari Tokyo and I worked for Ferrero about showcooking of Ferrero Rocher. There, I  learned Japanese cuisine too .

Now back in Sicily I give cooking lessons for foreigners and Italians and I work as a chef at home for dinners and catering events with Italian,Japanese  cuisine. I organize tour about food & wine and visit  of pistachios, almonds, oranges, lemons, grapes, saffron of Sicilian farms

 My journey to find my place back to the house where I was born and raised. I firmly believe in the beauty of my land and the universality of its language.  Now it's up to you to discover how it speaks to you.