Hire Your Private Chef

We create bespoke Culinary Experiences for you

We will endeavour to give you unforgettable and unique dining experiences. Treat your family, friends or guests to a unique experience in the comfort of your own home, villa, chalet, yacht or personal preference. From relaxed family style food to Michelin standard tasting menus, we will meet your exact requirements.


We will look after your day to day needs, breakfast, lunch, dinner parties, anniversaries, birthday's or events. We strive to provide the perfect menus for you, using only the freshest and finest local ingredients. 

Our services are tailored to suit you and we are happy to meet any demand. We will travel to your chosen destination anywhere in the world. We are available to hire for one night occasions, long weekends or even whole holiday bookings. Highly experienced in domestic households working closely with other staff team members. Always respecting the clients privacy and looking after their private residences.


Meeting your specific requirements and budget, we'll discuss and configure the perfect menu for you.

We can also recommend wines to complement your meals and we are happy to share our recipes. Please feel free to ask the chef any questions and watch to see the chef demonstrate cooking techniques. We are happy cooking in an 'open' environment or remaining discreet to suit your preference.


"To some food is a necessity, with us it is an art"

Angelo is very passionate of his work, using traditional and modern cooking styles. You'll experience new and exciting dishes cooked to perfection with incredibly presented masterpieces. Having worked in many different environments such as domestic households, Villas, Chalet  and in various high-end restaurants in Japan, Italy and France.

He has a very strong private chef background and is Michelin trained. He loves to provide a service to all clients from all walks of life. 

Angelo has various dates throughout the year open to the majority of bookings made directly with us. He is able to travel all over Italy and abroad for single occasions or temporary bookings.

At other times of the year he is working hard with various affiliated partners, repeat clients and other projects of his businesses. 
Book Angelo now ahead of your occasion to confirm his availability.


Temporary Personal Chef

For short or long term periods

Our speciality, the chef is able to walk into any environment and provide you with all aspects of your day to day needs. Live in or live out depending on location. If you require a full time chef we can also assist with finding you the perfect match.

Chef on Holiday

In Italy, Europe or further abroad

Take a private chef on trips with you and your family or friends. During your holidays, in your holiday home, villa, chalet, cottage, lodge or yacht. For the whole trip or just for a night or two. From breakfast to dinner or according to the chosen meal plan for the week. Also vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free menus. The chef is also available to accompany you and cook for you on board your private jet. Often for celebrities or wealthy people, we will always remain discreet.

Single Occasion Events

Lunch or Dinner

In the comfort of your own home or holiday rental for you, friends or family. For any occasion you desire, an exciting and unforgettable experience. From relaxed family style food to luxurious Michelin standard tasting menus.

How Does it Work?

We buy the ingredients

We prepare the food

We serve the menu

We clean everything

Angelo Ingrassia Chef it's about bringing innovative culinary services closer to you. A unique dining experience will be created in your home, based on extensive culinary knowledge, cooking techniques and global food trends. The rich culinary tradition of Sicily and the Mediterranean, combined with the unique products of the volcanic soil of the island, are becoming a delicious combination that is expressed through dishes full of flavors and aromas. You choose the menu and we do the rest, using the best quality ingredients. Refined luxury from start to finish.

Quality food starts with quality ingredients and I source only the finest products. I regularly scour the farmer’s markets to find the best local produce and proteins available in Sicily. I only use responsibly-sourced Mediterranean seafood and meat that has been pasture-raised in Sicily.


The mutual joy I feel when offering my guests a memorable experience is priceless. Creating food that surpasses expectations and creates emotions is what keeps me motivated. That’s what eating great food does – it permeates our minds and we can often picture the laughs and the smiles of the people with whom we shared that meal.


Always in pursuit of evolving my services, with devotion to nature and respect to my guests, I am trying to provide you with the last piece of the puzzle that will make your experience, on our beautiful island , unforgettable.