Street Food & Market Tour

DURATION = 4 hours
LANGUAGE = Italian, English, Japanese
WHERE = Ortigia (Syracuse)
MEETING PLACE = Aplollo's Temple (in Ortigia)

INCLUDES = Sicilian Tasting Breakfast, Ortigia Market and island visit, Tasting of typical Sicilian products, Lunch

CAPACITY '= 2 pax min - max 10 pax
PRICE =  120 per person

Ortigia Breakfast & Walking Tour

  • 9:30 am -We will start the experience with a traditional Sicilian breakfast in Archimede square in Ortigia's island (2 different half granita :lemon,  almond or pistachio  with Sicilian "Tuppo"  brioche, cannoli with sweet ricotta, almond biscuits, cappuccino or espresso coffee), where i'll introduce the Sicilian history explaining the food origins.
  • 10:30 am - Then we will have a short walking tour araund Ortigia's island, where I will explain the Sicilian and Syracusan history.  We will cross the island  passing by the Temple of Apollo, Piazza Archimede, the famous Jewish quarter of Giudecca, Piazza Duomo with the Cathedral  and finally the Aretusa spring, all surrounded by the scents of Sicilian street food.

Market Tour and Tasting

12:00  - Then we'll move to the historic fresh market of Ortigia's island. Here you will taste cheese, dried tomatoes, olives of different qualities, Sicilian salami, almond biscuits, sweet pistachio cream, almonds, pistachios, dried fruit. I'll explain all ingredients origins .

Street Food Lunch

13:30 pm: LUNCH : At the end of the market you will have lunch in one of the best place for street food in Siracusa, with a mix of Sicilian cheeses, grilled vegetables, olives, bread and a glass of wine or beer or fresh orange juice.

Guests can enjoy the best street food, where only the locals go for lunch. Sicily is the 5th place in the world in quantity and quality of street food. You enjoy many foods, from savory to sweet, while the Chef Angelo will explain the origin and history of these. Among the most famous: Cannoli (crispy shell with sweet cheese), arancini (stuffed with meat or butter), Granita ........